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Archive - Employee Relations
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Archive - Employee Relations
Everyone today is aware of the importance of engagement--we all want to be engaged with our jobs, our hobbies, our friends. We enjoy, and commit to, the things with which we can make a visceral connection. Much has been made of the connection between employee engagement and employee retention--although recent economic conditions suggest to some employers that their folks are unlikely to stray, no matter what! While that may be true, regarding retention as the only, or even primary link to business performance, can be risky.
In most states, defamation in an employment context generally is defined as a false statement made by an employer about an employee to a third party that injures the employee’s reputation. A defamatory statement may be inferred by an employer’s conduct.
It might be funny if Steve Carell, the boss on The Office, has sex at work, but in real life that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. And it’s just one of the most momentous mistakes managers make. Do you think in hard times you don’t have to worry about lawsuits? Think again. A Stanford University study found with each 1% increase in unemployment, there is a 8.6% increase in employee lawsuits. So what are bosses’ biggest blunders?
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